Nurturing Earth Allyship Through Skincare

As the vibrancy of the summer season unfolds, it beckons us to embark on a journey of reflection and renewed connection with the earth as we see it bloom. We wholeheartedly embrace our role as earth allies at ISUN, intertwining the magic of nature with our sacred skincare line. With every formulation, we are deeply committed to protecting, preserving and responsibly utilizing our home’s precious resources.

From harnessing indigenous community insights to sustainable wildcrafting and unique formulation methods, we strive to honor our relationship with the land. Join us as we welcome the summer season in, nourishing our skin, heightening our connection with nature and strengthening our allyship.

The ISUN Travel Sets

We value the power of collaboration. With careful consideration, we choose our partners whose principles, energy and love for the earth resonate with our own. We have recently introduced the travel set bags as a cherished addition to our ISUN family. This exciting partnership brings together the expertise of 'House of Good People,' a small company dedicated to crafting sustainable and eco-friendly products while upholding ethical and fair practices.

Their artisanal creations, made with care and using traditional techniques, embody the inherent beauty of locally sourced materials. As the summer months entice wanderlust, we offer a perfect travel companion that allows you to carry a piece of wellness wherever you go. Our mini bottles nestled in these beautiful bags are designed to enhance your holistic wellbeing during your global escapades.

With a wealth of experience in the realms of intuitive energy healing, reiki and yoga practice, ‘House of Good People’ is the beautiful manifestation of Helén R. Løddesøl. Her vision is to bring positive change to the world. Guided by the desire to create beautiful goods and community development opportunities for women, ‘House of Good People’ stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication to making a meaningful impact.

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The essence of ISUN

Nature's profound wonder lies at our core, shaping our principles and guiding our decisions. With each step we take, our path becomes illuminated, driven by a higher purpose to serve and nurture our world:

  • We do not harm the user of our products.
Our collection is thoughtfully formulated without any ingredients that could have harmful effects. It features pure and healing ingredients that promote overall wellbeing.
  • We do not harm indigenous groups or individuals we source from.
At our centre, we uphold the values of fairness and ethical sourcing. All ingredients in our formulations are acquired through fair trade practices, ensuring that no child labour is involved and that workers receive equitable wages for their valued contributions.
  • We do not harm the ecological environment.
We are dedicated to preserving the integrity of our planet's ecosystems. Therefore, all the ingredients used in our products are sourced from sustainable harvesting practices, which not only safeguard the environment but also foster a thriving and diverse natural world.
  • We do not harm animals.
We advocate for the utmost respect and protection of our planet’s creatures and their environments. Every product we offer is cruelty-free and never tested on animals. By sourcing ingredients from trusted global partners who share our commitment, we ensure that our practices align with the preservation and wellbeing of animals and their habitats.

Conscious sourcing: nurturing the land’s abundance

As the earth flourishes during this season, we deepen our awe for the relationship shared between indigenous communities and the land. As devoted advocates for the earth, we are committed to honoring and protecting the ancestral wisdom that has been passed down through generations, landmarks and energies.

A select few of our carefully sourced ingredients are even bestowed with blessings prior to reaching our hands, strengthening our heart-to-heart partnership and elevating the divine connection between us and the earth's healing abilities.

Celebrating the vitality of living plants

Our alchemical creations are carefully handcrafted and infused with organic ingredients, upholding a steadfast commitment to both you and our planet.

Within each formulation, our active plant-based ingredients remain in their clean, whole state, vibrant, alive and flourishing through our cold-processing method. This state, we believe encapsulates the essence of life itself. The process itself is an ode to the sunlight that infuses every ingredient and leaves them teeming with this vibrant life force that channels nutrients and minerals deep into the layers of your skin, nourishing you on a cellular level.

Created amidst the sun-kissed landscapes of the San Juan Mountains in Colorado, our products unite wildcrafted and organic herbs, pure plant distillates, essential oils, and sumptuous butters. In harmonious synergy, these elements spark the radiance within, encouraging our inner light to radiate around the world.

Your ISUN summer companions

Antioxidant Sun Butter

For those familiar with our philosophy, it's no secret that we hold a deep appreciation for the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of sunlight exposure. Rather than avoiding the sun, we recognise the ample wellness advantages that sunlight emits.

In line with our beliefs, our Antioxidant Sun Butter is a commitment to harnessing the power of nature. This formulation combines non-nano zinc oxide with potent fruit oils and antioxidants, creating a natural barrier against environmental stressors. Infused with nourishing shea, mango and aloe vera butters, it envelops your skin in a protective and moisturising layer. With each application, your skin feels hydrated and gently shielded.

Soothing Relief Balm

Our Soothing Relief Balm drenches the skin with hydration after a day spent in the sun.

The balm fuses the healing properties of botanical ingredients. Virgin coconut oil restores moisture balance, soothing cucumber distillate offers respite, alleviating redness and irritation and rejuvenating helichrysum extract works to stimulate cell regeneration, helping your skin renew its glow and elasticity.

Ormus Myst

Throughout a summer’s day, you can immerse yourself in the pure essence of living water. Derived from a pristine natural spring nestled within the majestic San Juan Mountains, Ormus Myst holds the transformative power of super-conducting, single atoms of precious metals such as gold and platinum in their rare liquid state. This sacred elixir embodies the flow of communication between the mind, body, spirit and the beauty of nature.

Embedded with a clear quartz gemstone, the water resonates at a high vibration and elevates the subtle energies of love, peace and joy.

During the summer season, the beauty of nature serves as a gentle reminder to tend to our own needs. As we celebrate the earth's summer offerings, gratitude can blossom within, prompting us to prioritize self-care.

Through mindful acts, we can establish a harmonious connection with the natural world, enhancing our wellbeing and becoming better guardians of our precious home.

Tracey Drabloes