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Helén Løddesol - House of Good People

Helén R. Løddesøl is a seasoned practitioner in the fields of intuitive energy healing, Reiki teaching and yoga practice, with over two decades of experience in these holistic and spiritual realms. Her wellness practices reflect her compassionate and heart-centered approach, which serves as the foundation of her latest endeavour: "House of Good People", a small business committed to producing high-quality handmade products that are socially responsible and ethically driven. This month, we are delighted to launch our beautifully-crafted travel pouch sets in collaboration with House of Good People. The below conversation provides the perfect opportunity to share Helén's inspiring dream and story.

Helén, how did you develop the vision for House of Good People and what inspired you to create the company?

House of Good People is my dream, a wish to make the world a better place. I have this deep vision to 'lift' the world and create a better place for more people.

I was given the opportunity to work with textiles in India through a friend who has worked extensively in this area. When we went to India together, I saw the raw and cynical side of the world. Witnessing how the individuals and communities were treated made me deeply sad, and I realized that I want to make trade meaningful for everyone involved in the production and processes of my designs. I want all individuals to receive a fair salary and to be proud of the work that they do and the people they work with.

During my trip to India, I met my sponsored Indian daughter (Pinky) in SOS children's village. I have had her pictures on my desk for 10 years and when we finally met, she told me about her dream of becoming a teacher. It was then that I realized the importance of education and how it can change lives. Unfortunately, many girls in the world do not get equal opportunities when it comes to education. That's why I am committed to supporting education for girls, especially in cultures where they may face challenges or barriers.

House of Good People want to tell the world that girls are important too.

What inspired the collaboration between House of Good People and ISUN for the travel bag sets and how does ISUN's philosophy align with your artisanal values?

Tracey and I met through our mutual love for Reiki and yoga. During our conversations, I shared my vision of a holistic, fair way of working in this industry through House of Good People. Tracey loved the idea and asked us to design a linen bag for ISUN.

As someone who values pure and energetically charged products, I have always loved using ISUN’s offerings. It's wonderful to see that our values align and I'm thrilled to collaborate with her to create a product that embodies our shared vision.

Could you walk us through your creative process for designing and producing the commissioned bags, including the sources of inspiration you draw from?

I use my instinct as an energy intuitive and draw upon my 20 years of wellness experience to bring my creative visions to life. The inspiration for the linen bags came to me as if they were destined to be.

Working with Tracey was an enriching experience that allowed us to refine the details of the bags and create something that truly represents our wellness intentions.

In what ways does House of Good People prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly practices in its commissioned products?

At House of Good People, our sole focus is on creating sustainable and eco-friendly products. This is the driving force behind everything we do. We take a hands-on approach, visiting factories and meeting with workers to ensure that ethical and fair practices are always upheld.

We believe that the energy of a workplace reflects the treatment of its employees. If workers are not treated with respect and dignity, we do not consider it a viable option for production.

How does House of Good People envision its role in continuing to support women in their communities around the world, and what steps is the company taking to achieve this vision?

We are at the early stages of our journey, especially after the impact of COVID on all of us. Our aim is to produce as much as we can and support women as much as possible. We are taking it one step at a time and we are proud that our sustainable production approach is providing honourable work and fair pay to women and their families.

We began our journey with a focus on sustainable production and empowering women from the villages. We are proud to have supported Pinky's (my sponsored daughter!) journey to becoming a teacher and hope to expand our efforts as the company grows. Our vision is to establish a good school for more children in the villages and we have also started supporting Tibetan children in India.

Our commitment to education and empowerment extends beyond the borders of our country. We have production in other countries and aim to support children's education there too. As a female-led company, we understand the value of taking one step at a time and are dedicated to making a positive impact in the world.

How do wellness and sustainability contribute to a more holistic approach to living and how does House of Good People embody this approach in its vision and mission?

How nice it would be if we could all prioritize wellness and a holistic way of living! As multidimensional beings, it is so important to understand the significance of education and consciousness in creating a greater awareness of this truth. It is my hope that through House of Good People, we can make a valuable contribution towards promoting this awareness.

Can you describe some of the traditional techniques used in the creation of House of Good People's products?

House of Good People employs skilled workers who use traditional techniques such as wood carving, block printing, embroidery, sewing, weaving, knotting and painting to create their products.

For the ISUN linen bags, the sewing was done by those who were qualified and the production video shows several women working together to thread the closing strings in each pouch.

Can you share the ways in which small-batch artisanal products differ from mass-produced ones, and what is the impact of these differences on product quality, effectiveness and overall value?

When producing small-batch artisanal products, it is much easier to maintain a close eye on the entire production process. This level of attention allows for greater supervision over the quality of the final product and ensures that all elements of the production process are in line with our ethical and sustainable standards.

How does House of Good People's handcrafted bags enhance the experiential aspect of an ISUN skincare ritual?

I hope the handcrafted bags from House of Good People will reinforce the positivity that you experience with ISUN’s products and further awaken the world’s consciousness on fair trade.

Finally, what is your ultimate ISUN hero product, and why?

Choosing a favourite ISUN product is not an easy task, as I truly love and enjoy using all of mine! However, if I had to choose one, it might be the Rose Quartz Uplifting Body Oil. The formulation is so nourishing on my skin, infused with the energy of rose quartz that emits vibrations of love. It makes it the perfect addition to my self-love rituals!

If you resonate with Helén's inspiring story and our shared vision of creating a positive impact in the world, we invite you to discover our recently launched travel pouch set. With this set, you'll not only have a beautiful and sustainable travel companion, but also a reminder of the positive change you've contributed to in the lives of women in other communities.

We believe in the power of interconnectedness and hope our pouches serve as a gentle reminder of our collective responsibility to create a better world.

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