Our Story

Skincare that breathes

Individually hand-crafted and organic, our alchemical creations are formulated with the intention to give life to the skin and support mind and body wellbeing, while doing no harm to you or our planet.

Our active plant-based ingredients are kept in their whole form, still flourishing and alive through the cold-processing process. This method maintains the integrity and life-force energy that live plants impart through nutrients and minerals that penetrate the layers of the skin and nourish on a cellular level.

Formulated in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado, our wild-crafted & organic herbs, pure plant distillates, essential oils and butters harmoniously synergise to encourage the light within us to radiate.

ISUN is an ethically sourced collective. We respectfully recognise the sacred land on which we source our live ingredients and thank the indigenous cultures and organic farmers with whom we work closely, for protecting and celebrating the land and natural world in which we live. In a soul-to-soul connection, some of our ingredients are blessed before arriving to us: this inherent sense of union is what we believe is the only way to gather.

Our Guiding Principles

Our principles lie at the heart of every intention, decision and direction we take:

- We do not harm the user of our products. Our skincare line does not contain any ingredients that have hidden harmful effects. They incorporate pure, healing ingredients that encourage optimum wellbeing.

- We do not harm indigenous groups or individuals we source from. All of our formulation ingredients are purchased in fair trade – no child labour and fair paid wages.

- We do not harm the ecological environment. ISUN product ingredients are sourced from sustainable harvesting practices that support a healthy natural diverse environment.

- We do not harm animals. Our products are never tested on animals, and our global sources support the respect and protection of animals and their ecosystems.

Additional sustainable efforts include:

- The use of Miron biophotonic violet glass packaging prolongs the natural quality of our products, inviting the sun’s healing rays in and leaving the harmful rays out
- Utilising soy-based organic inks across our branding
- Ethically sourcing our sustainable travel pouches
- Working closely with local artisans who hand-craft our cosmetic tools
- Using paper that is sustainable forestry initiative-certified

We are conscious of our environmental blueprint. The ISUN way is to work from land to hand with heart; ensuring that sustainable practices, respect and love echo through every decision we make.

Raising the vibration

As a holistic brand, we believe that a skincare regime can be a mindful ritual; an opportunity to set an intention, look inwards and hold space for self-appreciation and love.

The whole-body experience is elevated by infusing gemstone energy into our working practice, ingredients and selected products. Crystals correspond naturally to the electromagnetic fields of the earth; therefore, the body’s unique molecular structure physically receives the light vibrations of a gemstone that activate at different frequencies.

These vibrations are absorbed through the nervous system and resonate with the energetic centers of the body that relate to body systems, organs and glands. Our topical products interweave formulations of the purest form with this crystal-charged energy to emit profound healing within.

Skincare that is alive, that has purposeful intention and holds earth-ally promises: this is who we are.

Cosmic healing

As within, so without.

Every aspect of our lives – our topical product usage, our nutrition, what we see and experience, what we say to others and ourselves, how we live our lives: it is all relative to what and how we radiate outwards.

Our skincare collection has been specifically created to encourage The Quantum Healing effect: supporting your total wellbeing through mind, body and spirit. Imparting a sense of balance, vitality, inner light and an open heart. This healing effect is achieved with products that are:

- created from inception with positive, clear intentions.
- made from pure, unadulterated, life and health-giving ingredients.
- crafted with living, high lifeforce elements.

A study was conducted in Japan in 2009, concluding that human bioluminescence exists in visible light. This luminescence is “the result of highlight reactive free radicals produced through cell respiration with free-floating lipids and proteins.” The molecules interconnect with fluorescent chemical compounds that can emit a quantum of the electromagnetic field, able to radiate light. We are light; we glow.

“ISUN” extends this concept through abbreviation: “I SUN” = “I am a sun” = “I am light”. The sun is natural light in its purest form and has been celebrated throughout the history of humanity. We are all connected as one collective by the sun and its ability to create and sustain life in our natural world. Through our inimitable manufacturing methods, we are able to benefit from the sun’s divine force with life and integrity, keeping our skincare alive and ageless.

The ISUN Sunstar

Our brand logo is an extension of who we are:

  • The sun at its center reflects our intention to work in harmony with the natural world and that the curation of our products are incepted with light.
  • The points echo our love and luminosity for others. We hope that through the use of our collection and understanding of our purpose that we encourage others in our community to pay it forward; to express their love and light outwards.

Meet the founder

An interview with the founder, visionary creator and formulator of ISUN Skincare, Bunnie Gulick, who at 73 years of age, is a radiant testimony of her teachings and her skin care creations.