your Connection with Nature

There is a feeling of exhilaration when we connect with living nature. A sense of joy and youthful vitality swells in us as we absorb the life-force energies found in the purity and aliveness of nature embracing us.

Our own expressions of vitality and life expand when our bodies and senses are nourished by living light, living water, living plants, living minerals and the unseen elevating and gentle spirit we can feel in the beauty and dance of nature.

Happy Plants, Happy Skin

Living plants are made of biophotons (light), living water, ions and an impressive array of nutrients that create happy plants. In turn, happy plants support happy skin and a feeling of well-being.

Science has explained feelings of well-being that may be experienced when skin is exposed to living plant-life by demonstrating an interaction between a substance applied topically and our nervous system. This interaction occurs via neurotransmitter receptor sites in skin that receive messages from either touch or substances topically applied. When either happens, neurotransmitters are produced in the skin that send signals to the brain that are favourable or unfavourable.

On the other hand, if we apply plant-life substances free of chemicals that are in harmony with our body, the neurotransmitter receptor sites in our skin send signals to the brain to produce neurotransmitters, called endorphins. These are known as happy hormones because of the feelings of well-being and pleasure they produce.

ISUN skincare products are free of chemicals and other toxins, and support the release of ‘wellbeing’ neurotransmitters.

Living light, living plants

Living plants are teeming with superconductive energy and are infused with healing vibrations of light, colour and geometries that are in harmony with our bodies and our skin. They contain powerful regenerating nutrients and life-force energy harnessed from the sun as they transmute light into life.

Science calls the light emitted by living cells in our body and in plant life, biophotons. Biophotons (light) are the key to communication between plant cells and our bodies.

Topically applied products that contain chemicals or synthetic ingredients may produce a reaction, but they are not communicating harmoniously with the cells in our skin or bodies and can create physical and even mental imbalances.

The flow of communication between the biophotons (light) in plants and the biophotons (light) in our bodies opens the pathway for effective regeneration and balance and an overall feeling of well-being.

Living light, living water

Light is the life-force of living water that carries all life. It dynamically expands and contracts as it flows and jubilantly dances in spiralling vortexes over rocks and fallen branches. In rapid movement, it gains life-enhancing biophotons (light) and ions and absorbs oxygen to create a molecular structure that powerfully increases its energy.

Living water has an extraordinary ability to retain energy and memory and can be used as a medium of consciousness to help heal, uplift and enhance life. Research scientist, Masaru Emoto proved to the scientific community that intention expressed in words or thoughts are captured and retained in water, including the water in our bodies which is approximately 70% of our physical structure.

Living water is life enhancing and can be programmed with intention to carry positive messages with healing energy to our bodies or any life form as Masaru Emoto demonstrated. This occurs by transmission of the subtle energy in the intention of the message that is received by the biophotons (light) in living water and communicated via electromagnetic currents. This is how the power of intention works whether the water is in an ocean, or in a glass, or in plants or our bodies.

In our bodies, a healing intention may be received by the biophotons present in our bodily fluids and carried via electromagnetic currents to our organs and tissues. In our skin, the largest organ in our body, positive healing intentions imparted in living water that is applied topically to our skin, has the potential to facilitate more rapid communication for repair and regeneration.

Wildcrafted & organic plantlife

Wildcrafted plants are harvested from their natural habitats where they grow freely and untouched by humankind. They are ideally supported by compatible plants and eco-systems in soil that is teeming with abundant life and nutrients to enhance their growth. This typically results in plants free of chemicals that are higher in nutrient values than cultivated organic and commercially farmed plants.

Wildcrafted plants most often grow in pristine environments such as forested regions or around bodies of water where there is an unseen life-force energy that can be sensed. This energy contributes in subtle ways to the dynamic properties found in wildcrafted plants. Edible wildcrafted plants are often called “superfoods” because of their higher nutrient and lively energy values.

Higher in superconducting ions and biophotons than cultivated plants, wildcrafted plants are the most in harmony with our skin and our bodies offering optimal benefits and a feeling of overall well-being due to their dynamic properties.

Although wildcrafted plants have no certification regulations and are rare to source, we consider them to be of the highest value and they are our first choice of ingredients for our products. Our second ingredient choice is cultivated organic plant-life, both certified and non-certified organically grown plants from sources we trust. When we cannot source an ingredient that is either wildcrafted or organic, we use a minor selection of natural or naturally-derived ingredients for some products.

Honoring Living Nature

Ancient and indigenous people recognised the intelligence and living spirit of plants and water. In many ancient traditions, people communicated with the spirit of a plant or water, and telepathically received knowledge about its unique uses and benefits to humankind.

In return for the knowledge given them, the people communicated back messages of gratitude and love to the spirit of the plant. With this beautiful exchange of loving energy, both the people and the plant-life thrived.

We believe through the healing intentions, love and gratitude expressed by those who gather the wild plants, the life-force energy of the plant becomes fuller, and a deeper, subtle energy that is beyond the usual, is received.

In our own manufacturing practices, as we make ISUN skin care products, we too, honour the sacred depths of meaning from the gifts of nature we use to create our products. In a sacred space within ourselves, we express our gratitude for the beauty and transmission of the Light of Consciousness nature gives to us.