ISUN gemstone energy balancing oils are individually formulated and consciously blended with the intention to balance and heal body and mind.

Our gemstone, aromatherapy body oil product concept is based on an understanding that our skin is a highly sensory organ and is receptive to the energetic values derived from the mineral (gemstones) and plant kingdoms, which we believe in a subtle way, can help to restore balance and vitality for our overall well-being.

Each distinctive gemstone oil formula is keyed to the harmonics of the colour vibration and quality of the stone that carries the products name. Every bottle of oil includes a small gemstone embedded in the oil to help hold its subtle energy.

Qualities of our Gemstone Oils

Garnet Oil

Garnet Body Oil carries an earthy, grounding aroma that helps relax the nervous system and calm anxieties. The geometric structure and deep red colour vibration of garnet relates to the survival systems in the body (immune, nervous, adrenals, blood and bone). Its subtle energy is said to support bodily function and calm the nervous system, thus helping to calm symptoms of anxiety.

Ayurveda Balancing Dosha: Vata

Carnelian Oil

Carnelian Body Oil carries a sensual and inspiring aroma that helps to promote feelings of comfort and enthusiasm. The geometric structure and orange colour vibration of the carnelian gemstone relates to the spleen, kidneys and reproductive system. Its subtle energy is said to instil confidence and inspire creativity.

Ayurveda Balancing Dosha: Kapha

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Body Oil carries an uplifting and joyful, floral-citrus aroma in a light moisturising blend of herb-infused oils. The pink colour vibration of rose quartz relates to the heart and thyroid gland. Its subtle energy is said to inspire joy, an open heart and love.

Ayurveda balancing Dosha: Tridosha.


Lapis Body Oil is unique among our gemstone oils in that it has specific values related to its signature gemstone - Lapis Lazuli. The deep blue lapis stone is said to cleanse the mind, body and spirit of toxins and negativity. This cooling and calming stone is used to help relieve pain, inflammation, stiffness and cramping, as well as relieve stress bringing deep peace.


Herb-infused Amethyst Body Oil carries a light, calming aroma that helps to lift heavy mental activity and open the mind to higher awareness. The violet vibration of the Amethyst crystal relates to the pineal and pituitary glands, brain nervous system and supports balance in these areas.

Ayurveda Balancing Dosha: Pitta

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