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“The beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows.” Alongside her performing talent, the late Audrey Hepburn was also famed as an advocate for ageing. Quotes like these resonate with us as a brand, because we believe ageing is life’s progression in its most natural form. To age is a gift. Ageing is a life lived and a reflection of memory. Our lines are our stories told along with life’s rich tapestry.

We recently delved deeper into the notion of ageing with The Facial Cupping Expert and acupuncturist Sakina di Pace who shared the meanings of some of our fine lines from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective – with the hope that it would give them clearer sense of purpose.

Your pro-ageing allies

Sun care – If there’s one holy grail product in your routine, it should be sun care. Sun exposure can contribute to the increase in pigmentation, thickening of skin texture, loss of facial elasticity and premature skin ageing. Working in harmony with nature, we do believe that spending time in the sun has health and wellbeing value, if done responsibly. Our Antioxidant Sun Butter is suitable for all skin types. Seed butters, fruit oils and rich herb-infused oils blend with key antioxidants that boost the SPF protection from non-nano transparent zinc oxide. A luscious non-toxic emulsion that shields UV rays in a natural, earth-loving way.

Water – replenishing our water stores is vital to optimal body functionality and benefits skin health. Water consumption supports the flushing of toxins and waste products in the body whilst also transporting key nutrients to reach the skin through circulation.

Sleep hygiene – sleep induces the body’s restoration mode. It is through our deep sleep that cortisol levels are reduced, renewal function activates and cellular repair is stimulated. Sleep breeds regeneration, and this can be significantly aided by your nighttime skincare routine as your skin is more receptive to your products of choice.

Nutrition – a well-balanced diet supports the body’s overall maintenance, but reducing processed foods and sugar intake and incorporating antioxidant-rich foods, omega-3, healthy fats and vital minerals all contribute to dewy, plump skin. Leafy, green vegetables are nutrient-dense - many carry antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can supply us with a high daily vitamin intake (K, C, B9, A) that in turn can help to fight free radicals, repair and rebuild collagen and beautify through the natural renewal process.

Movement – light and gentle forms of movement like stretching, pilates and yoga increase blood flow to the skin which feeds it essential nutrients and oxygen. As our lymphatic system relies on the muscular system to transport toxins, exercises like these open the physical pathways to remove waste from the body. Mindful movement can also initiate the rest and digest mode of the nervous system, reduce oxidative stress and energize the cells.

Skincare tools – incorporating skincare tools frequently into your routine has internal and exterior benefits to the skin and the body. Using facial cups or gua sha can increase blood circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage, strengthen connective tissue, release emotional and physical facial tension and even stimulate pressure points that connect with internal meridians that run across the body to achieve balance. They can help to invigorate the cells that are responsible for collagen production, and therefore restore elasticity. Aesthetically, with the correct techniques applied, skincare tools can help to gently tone your facial muscles, and sculpt and enhance your existing facial features.

Graceful Ageing – the ISUN way

Reversing the signs of ageing and referring to fine lines as a skin ‘concern’ is something you will see often in our industry, but we believe in curating rejuvenating, organic skincare that works in harmony with your skin’s vast and changing landscape to walk hand-in-hand with you across every stage of life:

Ruby Cleanse is the ultimate skin-nourisher that purifies, soothes and deeply hydrates with its nurturing properties including avocado butter, coconut oil and aloe vera juice.

Phyto-Intense Exfoliant has a gel-like consistency. Lavender oil, honey-derived lactic acid, soothing cucumber extract and algae gel are fused to dissolve dead surface cells gently.

Emerald Sun Serum is a heavy water-based serum, light to the touch, gliding across the skin upon application. Peony root, plankton and edelweiss extracts are just some of the key ingredients that awaken, enrich and energize the skin.

Phyto Eye Cream has been crafted thoughtfully, respecting this delicate facial zone. It comprises concentrated oils with 26 polyphenol herbs and berries that encourage a natural reduction in dark circles and puffiness, while phytoplankton extract protects against UV rays and DNA from damage.

Ultra Sapphire – suitable for sensitive skin, includes calendula oil, blue chamomile, helichrysum and a touch of rose, encouraging a natural radiance – powered by plants.

Golden Balm – a luxurious blend featuring herb-infused oils, seed butters, antioxidants and minerals, including goji berry extract, annatto seed extract and olive butter. This balm seals in essential moisture and restores skin suppleness with a glow.

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